Functional Urology and Neuro-Urology

Functional urology is a subspecialty within urology that addresses benign conditions that result in lower genitourinary tract dysfunction.

Functional disorders of the urinary bladder and its sphincters, urinary incontinence, urinary retention, overactive bladder, pelvic pain, urinary infections, nocturnal urination always have an impact on the quality of life.

Neuro-Urology and Uro-Gynecology deal with the same area of symptoms.

How we interpret the symptoms, the signs, what investigations we recommend, in such a way that we can offer a modulated response, from conservative to surgical, to restore the balance of the bladder and sphincters, is the goal of these medical specialties.

Functional Urology and Neuro-Urology also deals with treating patients who have bladder dysfunction related to neurological disorders, such as spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis.

The rehabilitation of micturition in these cases may involve the collaboration of several medical specialties, urology, gynecology, neurology, medical rehabilitation, the family doctor having a central role in this collaboration.

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